Slate Digital – VCC/Channel – Personal Summary

Hey labfans so here I will make my final summary of the VCC channel. Future posts will cover the VCC master section!

So what do we have ?

  1. 4k model: A relatively  transparent FR with some agressive distortion, bite bite bite!
  2. US A: A low end half cookie! intricate FR with some serious distortion when pushed too hot or not;) Its warm and rich and knows how and when to bite!
  3. Brit N:  A low end full cookie! with quite transparent distortion until a defined threshold that makes it go boom!
  4. Ψ : Intricate response, its rich warm fat and agressive it has a  high end sheen with a personality! Its distortion likes to go boom aswell after a certain threshold 😉
  5. RC – Tube: If it was any warmer smooth it would have started to make smoke signals!


In Distortion Quantity % order (more to less)


  1. RC – Tube
  2. US A
  3. Brit 4 K
  4. Brit N – Ψ (its a tie)

In  FR Intricacy (most intricate to less)

  1. RC – Tube
  2. Ψ 
  3. Brit N – US A (its a tie)
  4. Brit 4K


My thoughts:

VCC is an amazing tool, any professional (and not) should  have, if this was a private plugin I would totaly get why. But none the less this is available to all of you! Be grateful, the search for Mojo in digital format is over, get over it.

Fabian Prezja

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