Drum Mixing – Emphasis on Hip Hop

Lucas really has an ear for mixing! This video is a fantastic example of what works on Hip Hop drums.


Trim before.
IK Multimedia T-Racks Quad Image to keep mono kick.
Slate VariMu on Kick
Sound Toys Decapitator on Kick
Waves V-Comp on claps
MS Dynamic technique on Clap Eq Brainworks bx_Dyn EQ v2 to remove harshness
Softube Passive Eq lifting 700k on Clap to give it more body.
Great use of Avid Lo-Fi to fatten up Snare
Waves H-EQ to really even out the tone and make it live in the groove.
SoundToys EchoBoy slap on Snare as a thickening agent
Avid Lo Fi on high hats to give them more body.
Air Kill Eq on High Hats
Avid DVerb to place the High Hats in the room.

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