Slate Digital – VCC – RC-Tube

Hey Labfans! Today I’ll be analyzing  Slate Digital – VCC – RC-Tube!





Here are the settings utilized (No oversampling)(side image)

 If you are new to the lab post ,read this


 fr Edit Content

Here is the response of the unit its its neutral state/settings, not the fr is quite interesting but the ouput gain is lowered!

Here is the FR with input steps from min to max (input Gain – ONLY)

fr%20input Edit Content

Right away we can see that the variation of the FR which  again is so telling about the detail focus of the modeling! Also we can identify that, noise modeling is present aswell!

 Here is an interesting fact, the drive knob in most units has a subtle effect both in FR and THD and works in a manner of increasing/decreasing THD and ouput gain together, but things are different in this unit, look what happens when we do the same step measurement utilizing the Drive knob from min to max (input gain neutral)

123 Edit Content

The top line is minimum drive and the bottom line is maximum drive, what !? that’s right it’s backwards

The more drive you add the THD icreases and the output gain decreases, while the less drive you add the THD degreases and the output increases. 

But you already knew that right?;)

Phase (at neutral setting)

phase%20neutral%20state Edit Content

 nominal phase! 


 (measured in input steps)


http  media 9 06 2013 AElyBx Edit Content

No low profile here, the unit has the most distortion than all models in average, the behavior is realy tube like and the THD content also states that! The character is rich,smooth and warm for the most part! (even order as opposed to odd order) 

 PS: The interaction of the harmonics is far more complex! After all this is just a step to step GIF for demonstration purposes. Only a video capture would be able to capture a more detailed interaction.

THD with neutral input and min DRIVE

min%20drive%20THD Edit Content

What this plot tells us, other than looking awesome, is that the Drive knob has a great effect on the THD content unlike the other units the Drive in this case  is very delicate and sensitive to changes!

Thats what I call serious detail.

Here is the same graph with the Drive Maxed – input neutral

max%20drive%20THD Edit Content

Note that other models in VCC would get 40% at their max input (For example), this unit gets a 40% with a neutral input and just a maxed drive! if we max both input and drive, we see…

THD%20MAX%20ALL Edit Content

The unit proves to have the most distortion than any of the other units!



DSC Edit Content

 Here is the envelope, well looks as it should


Do I need to say it ?

Personal Quote: This is WIN.


PS:1 I will make a special post doing a summary of the VCC channel so everyone of you can have a shorter brief explanation and overview of the units 🙂







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