SSL DUENDE – Stereo Buss Compressor

Today lets see whats up with the ssl modeling!


Here are the settings used for the analysis(Image Left)

 If you are new to the lab post ,read this


http  media 8 16 2013 bDNkun Edit Content

Woot !? well to begin with, the response is flat, but when you dial the attack from 0.1 to 30 this phenomenon occurs (blue is for right and yellow for left), in other words. When the compression goes up the two channels create more difference in magnitude from eachother, one being slightly louder than the other following in a symmetrical pattern. This is indeed quite odd… I’m not sure if this is something you would want for you masterbuss. None the less I have to note that the increase has a limit being the lowest value you see in this animated graph. What this means is no matter how much compression you dial the magnitude difference will not get any bigger, but when you dial down from a certain point the difference will begin to degrease.

ps: Theres no noise modeling either (that’s not always a bad thing)


flat Edit Content

Flat, nothing to see here …


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Here we can see the THD unit behavior from -20 Threshold, to +20.

By observing the THD behavior, we can safely conclude that this is Analogue Distortion modeling. Based on how the order of harmonics is and behaves this gives the unit an  agressive character because the only harmonics present are the 3rd order and its multyplicates, which is a common behavior of transistor units (but not exclusively).


DSC41 Edit Content

 I was expecting that the moment I saw the FR since they are interlinked. 

Interesting fact 1: this might not be so relevant, but I had to share it. Look what happens when y zoom into the bend curve.

dsczoomed Edit Content

(this happens only in the bended part) Usualy this is totaly flat,  As we see here its like micro tiny compressors are dialed for each step, pretty odd and cool !?

Interesting Fact 2:

If you dial a ratio of 2 the compressor envelope is opto like, all other settings have a hard knee.

Compressor dialed with the ratio of 2

adwa3wda Edit Content


My Consensus

Well, this compressor has an odd behavior that’s fact, other than that it feels to me like they modeled the soul and left the body (FR). In other words this is ”partially” modeled.



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