Novation Circuit Groove Box Video Review




The market for beatboxes, MPC style groove creation boxes seems to be saturated today, right? It seems like the distinctions between all of the available offerings from Native Instruments, Ableton, Akai, Novation, etc can be made by noting the software they integrate well with, build quality, and how intuitive and useful their functionality might be. When playing with a new box, I ask the questions:
Can I get interesting ideas created quickly? Does it “feel” good to play with. Can I create music on the unit as a standalone box? Does it require it’s own software to interface with current DAWS? What is the learning curve like? Does it lack features that I will likely need?

Novation has been innovating in this arena for a very long time, and has come up with a grid based sequencer, which includes two polysynths, drum samples, and effects and a gaggle of knobs to tweak to your hearts content. The first thing that sets it apart from other machines is it’s integrated speaker, which can have you creating beats ANYWHERE!

Before I give it a full review, I wanted to share a brief video that we created with Novation’s very own Casey Stevens at our recording studio and showroom which goes over the Circuit’s features.

Thanks Casey!


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