Is there any Better Choice in Eq than the Bettermaker 232p?

The Bettermaker EQ 232p is one pretty beast. It’s design joins the aesthetic of early 70s vibe with year 2020 futuristic polish. With a $5995 price tag one would need to be sure that it’s feature set, function, and sonics warrant the expenditure. How much better a mix must a BetterMaker Make? The truth is that our tests and experience with the unit shows that it is a “best in ANY class” equalizer that allows the engineer to dial in, recall, and AB broad swaths of Pultec style mojo, with exacting, surgical eq, at the click of a button. The manufacturer clearly aimed to throw everything and the kitchen sink into this beast to quiet even the most petulant and persnickety among us.

Here are some of Bettermaker’s® EQ 232P amazing features:

10 filters (5 on each channel) based on classic designs including 2 famous Pultec sections, 2 Highpass filters and 4 parametric filters with wide frequency ranges.
Pultec section- Shelf filters based upon legendary constructions, offered in combined, matched stereo, with all the features including separate boost and attenuation knobs.
Full digital recall with 399 cells for your own presets.
USB link to use the EQ’s just as you would use a plugin, including Automation.
AU, VST, RTAS (32 & 64 bit) supported
A/B comparing function
Fully isolated analog and digital path for maximum separation of these two worlds.
2 additional parallel outputs for advanced processing like parallel compression.
7 presets to have a kick start!
Improved 24 dB headroom.
Additional M/S mode modification is available. M/S mode replaces the dual mono mode.

Check out our in depth video review: