Classic Neve 2254 Compressor Vs Current Plugin Emulations: How does the software stackup

The Neve 2254 compressor is widely regarded as one of the all-time great “character” compressors. It has both limiting and compression circuits and can be used in stereo or dual mono. I purchased my 2254 pair from Portugal, and promptly named her “Hot Cocoa.” I patiently waited to her left and right side custom racked by our techs. I then had them gone over by a tech to make sure that all was well with the units both individually and as a functional stereo pair. When I have used this stereo pair, I have absolutely loved it. Cocoa sounds fantabulous on Drum mults, singles sources, and even the entire 2 mix can benefit from her chocolaty .

I have been relatively certain that even at a street price of roughly $8k, it is worth keeping cocoa around. I asked Alvaro to get down to brass tacks and evaluate in real terms, whether or not I was right. What do you think?