SPECIAL – How digital looks like !? (PART 1)

Here is a quality analysis of Cocko’s ReaComp alongside a comparison to the previous thread of Slate Digital VBC.

If you are new to the lab post ,read this https://www.gearevu.littlefishaudio.com/must-read-welcome-to-my-lab-updated/

ReaComp – Settings 

I’ve tryed to match the VBC & SSL settings

REAFR%20 %20Copy Edit Content

FR Reacomp

REAFR Edit Content

Well as expected, flat! We need to expect a flat DSC right away

skiping Reacomp phase sinse its flat.


THD%20Reac Edit Content

A great example of digital, one of the cleanest I’ve ever seen actually! But don’t get ahead of your selves this is not how digital behaves, theres more to it, will be covered in part 2!

DSC Edit Content
Well that was to be expected, sinse the FR is linear.
THD%202 Edit Content
Blue is reacomp & green VBC Grey, Well night and day, quite literaly. It would be more suffircient for a animated graph, but I’ll get to that in part 2.
ASF Edit Content
Here we can see difference very important, in the red is VBC Grey and white Reacomp.
This shows how a DSC is linked with FR content, Reacomp beeing linear and VBC non linear.
One images equals a thousand words, 6 equal more.
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