Slate Digital – VCC -4K

Hey Labfans! Today I’ll be analyzing Slates Digital VCC 4k! 




Here are the settings utilized (No oversampling) (image left)

If you are new to the lab post ,read this


FR Edit Content

Right away we can observe that there is noise modeling, other than that we can also observe that the FR is not that extreme, but its there. We can expect for DSC to be slightly rough right away. So before even getting too deep, half the modeling is here. It’s all about THD now!


phase Edit Content



http  media 8 23 2013 qGKrR9 Edit Content

Here we can observe the THD relationships with an input min to max, step to step measurement.

The result is a great example of how an analogue modeled THD should look like.

Q: So why this unit is considered an aggressive sound?

A: As we can observe the odd order harmonics behavior is intricate, interchangeable and gradually rising. Odd order harmonics with this kind of behavior have an aggressive and in your face effect. Even order harmonics behave in a supportive manner helping the odd harmonics aggression stick out while aiding to the fullness of the distortion.

PS: The interaction of the harmonics is far more complex! After all this is just a step to step GIF for demonstration purposes. Only a video capture would be able to capture a more detailed interaction.


DSC Edit Content

Some roughness as anticipated already from the FR and this is of course normal for a summing emulation!


This is the real deal, hands down.



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