IK Multimedia – T-RackS- Black 76

Hey Labfans! I hope you are having a good sunday!

Today we will be analyzing T-RackS Black 76!

If you are new to the lab posts ,read this https://www.gearevu.littlefishaudio.com/must-read-welcome-to-my-lab-updated/

Measurement settings (above)


FR Edit Content

We can see that there is some minimal FR content. From a micro-scale analysis we can conclude that there is no noise modeling either. Right away we can expect some roughness in the DSC. (In  my opinion no noise is not a bad thing, 1176s have a high noise so bypassing it can be to our advantage)

PS: This FR is shared with all ratios & ALL in mode


phase Edit Content

Phase is also optimal


Lets look at THD with compression ON (measured in input steps)

compON Edit Content

Its there, this is a modeled THD, and a quite generous one! The distortion character is aggressive

Lets look at THD with Compression OFF (measured with input steps)

compoff Edit Content

In this plot we can observe that the distortion has increased, a LOT! With this kind of extreme distortion the unit can be used for saturation. Due to this extreme distortion, we should also expect DSC to have some sort of compression curve, in the compressor off mode, yeap that’s right!

Bellow is the ALL IN – THD – at max input.

Personally I would expect way more THD  and different harmonic architecture for just the ALL IN mode.

ALL Edit Content


 DSC Edit Content

Here we can observe the compressor envelope (In the 4:1) and the anticipated roughness, also it is good to notice that the envelope is somewhat between soft knee and hard knee.


DSC%20ALL Edit Content

Here we can observe that the ALL IN mode envelope is more of a limiter than a compressor envelope.

COMP OFF – DSC (max input)


Here we can see that the envelope is kind of like a compressor with a range option, compressing and then ‘expanding’  back to default.

Ps: Yes, the GR meter is not showing you this, I am 🙂

Caution: if you are going to use the unit as a saturator, always have the output lowered enough before you crank the input!


Yes the Analogue modeling is there, intricate and Interesting!



Personal Quote: In my opinion, a more intricate FR with little noise. along with  just a bit harder Knee and an ALL IN thats more agressive in THD would just come closer to the original 1176! 

The work is there though! Enjoy it!





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