Compression for mixing: Relating to its use as an ADSR envelope shaper

Basic compression tip: Thinking of a compressor as an ADSR (Attack Delay sustain release) envelope shaper. Look at the blobs of sound on the track you would like to reshape with a compressor. 1) With selector tool measure how long the sound takes to get from zero to peak in milliseconds. Set your compressors attack to this time. 2) Now, measure how long it takes this blob to decay. Set your release to this time. You have now defined your sounds envelope. 3) Now choose what you will be using to shape the envelope: a sledgehammer (Ratio of 8:1 or greater) or a sander (1.5:1-4:1). 4) Choose the force with which you will be using this tool by dialing in your threshold. Lower it for greater compression. 5) Make up gain: Look at gain reduction meter and raise the gain somewhat to make up for the loss in level. Good job! Now you may shape envelope further by adjusting your attack and release settings. Release will only need to be shortened usually.