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Vox Continental V
Light your Fire

VOX Continental-V brings back the classic sound of the famous VOX Continental 300 through our TAE physical modeling technology.

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We started with the classic and rare Vox Continental 300 dual manual organ and captured every nuance of the original, right down to the key contact timing and background noises. Beyond this we also modeled the follow up product from Vox inventor Tom Jennings…the J70 organ so you get two products in one.

A Special kind of Madness

The Vox sound is known for its ability to hang out well with guitars in a mix. From clean single drawbar melodies to grinding full power chords, it is perfect for the indie rock or ‘mod’ squad sound.

Press Clipping

Press Clipping
“Arturia’s emulation captures every nuance of the original instrument.”

Press Clipping
“Arturia’s emulation captures every nuance of the original instrument. ”

Press Clipping
“At VOX, we are happy that Arturia is bringing back to life the VOX Continental, one of the great instruments of the Sixties. Arturia’s software instruments are known for their sound quality and attention to detail — which is exactly what the VOX Continental deserves.”
Sonic State

Press Clipping
“All in all, I think that that’s a pretty significant ‘thumbs up’. ”
Sound On Sound

Press Clipping
“Vox Continental V is the next best thing to a vintage Vox organ. It has all the sound of the original with none of the maintenance. ”
Keyboard USA

Press Clipping
“Arturia goes above and beyond what you’d expect of the sound and behaviour of this classic transistor-based combo organ”
Electronic Musician

This years super model

While both of these organs will create all the classic sounds, we took them fursther and added Extended modes with even mode drawbards, and extended percussion section.
There is also an impressive collection of vintage stomp boxes to process your sound and output options of a traditional guitar amp, Leslie or direct out. These new options give you access to a much richer pallet of sounds that will help you to define your own sound.