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Lundahl I/O Transformers
Line In 2051, Line Out 2052, Mic In 2161
Units with transformer options
Units with transformer option are built to order. Please ask your dealer for a BTO unit according to your desired configuration, even if transformer-equipped units are not offered (e. g. in a web shop system). Forward contact details to us if order details need to be clarified.

Frontliner: Input and output (Models 2161 and 2052)
Channel One: Input and output (Models 2161 and 2052)
Track One: Input transformer only (Model 2161)
GainStation 1: Input transformer only (Model 2161)
GainStation 8 Mk2: Input transformer only (Model 2161)
GoldMike Mk2: Inputs and outputs (Models 2161 and 2052)
Qure: Inputs and outputs (Models 2051 and 2052)
Kultube: Inputs and outputs (Models 2051 and 2052)
Units with transformers
MixDream: Built-in output transformers (switchable, no further options)
We think a good part of the “warmth” that is commonly associated with vintage gear comes from transformers. With transformers the low end and lower mids sound rounder, full-bodied with more punch. The top end gets a silky touch and benefits from improved presence without sounding boosted. Reasons are reduced odd harmonics (which produce harsh top end impressions) and a slower characteristic compared to electronic stages which causes a more voluminous sound.
We recommend transformers especially for vocals while electronic stages can be better for highest precision in signal transmission (transients), but in the end it’s a question of personal taste, applications or for example which mics are in use.

Transformers in preamps
Used in SPL preamps or channel strips, the input transformers add ca. 14dB gain (depending on the microphone). This must be added to the scaled values. The additional passive gain relieves the complete unit permanently at any gain level. That’s why the input transformer is more important in preamps, but to benefit from all possible sonic effects and full operational safety, both input and output should be equipped with transformers. If SPL preamps only offer an input transformer option, the simple reason is not enough space.

Operational safety
Transformers transmit the signal by induction. This means there is no static connection (like a wire) to transmit the signal. This protects the unit from damage caused by power failures in the input/output connections. In addition, hum problems are effectively avoided if balanced connections are used throughout. That’s why transformers can be very interesting for live units or in units used in facilities that need highest operational safety (broadcast, sound reinforcement). Another notable advantage for many live and recording applications is that much longer cable lengths are possible with no loss in signal quality.

Prices, mounting
Units with transformer option can be built to order. Please ask your dealer for a BTO unit even if transformer-equipped units are not offered (e. g. in a web shop system).

Since Lundahl transformers are precious hand made components and their use depends on individual taste, conditions or environments, we offer them as an option to let each user decide on this investment. Transformers can be equipped also after purchase by qualified technicians. Please contact your local distributor for details on pricing and mounting.