SPL CHANNEL ONE – Complete Channel Strip


Channel One
Recording Channel
The Channel One comes with all tools onboard for recording vocals and instruments in the highest sound quality.
Each stage contributes to the concept as the ideal recording front-end for world-class sounds the easy way: intelligent automation ensures both intuitive and fast as well as musical operation for the finest recording results. Frequency response: 10Hz-100kHz (100kHz = -3dB)

Common mode rejection:

1kHz: -80dB
10kHz: -78dB

THD & N (mic preamp) (A-weighted):

20dB: -97,1dBu
40dB: -91,1dBu
65dB: -69,4dBu

THD & N (line/instr. preamp) (A-weighted)

5dB: -99,4dBu
20dB: -97,2dBu
42dB: -79,4dBu

Input impedance: Line: 20 kOhm / Instr.: 1 MOhm

Max. input level: Line: +22dBu / Instr.: +14dBu

Dynamic range: 119dB

Max. output level XLR / Jack: +20dBu

Output impedance: <50 Ohm

Headphone Amplifier Gain (mic input and 0dBu output level)

-20dBu at 25%
-10dBu at 40%
-5dBu at 55%
0dBu at 70%
+5dBu at 75%
+10dBu at 90%
+14dBu at 100%

Power Supply

Toroidal transformer 20 VA
Fuses 315 mA (230 V / 50 Hz)
Fuses 630 mA (115 V / 60 Hz)
Voltage Selector 230V / 115V
Ground Lift switch

Dimensions & Weight

WxHxD: 482x88x210 mm; 19″x3.46″x8.27″
Weight 4.15kg;9.15lbs

0dBu = 0.775V. Subject to change without notice.

Manufacturer Condition

B-Stock, New