SPL 2CONTROL – 2861 Speaker & Headphone Monitoring Controller

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Speaker & Headphone Monitoring Controller
The 2Control is an excellent sounding compact monitor controller.
The Crossfeed makes the playback headphones sound as being played back on speakers. Your mixes on headphone translate better to speaker playback. Inputs & Outputs
Electronically balanced instrumentation amplifiers
Input sockets: XLR
Output sockets: XLR, Stereo TRS
Nominal input level: IN 1: +4dBu, IN 2: +4dBu/-10dBV
Input impedance: 22kOhm
Output impedance: 75Ohm/Headphones: 22Ohm
Max. input level: 21.3dBu
Max. output level: 21.3dBu
Volume control range: -80dB to +6.6dB
Headphones: -65dB to +14.9dB
0dBu = 0,775V. Technische €nderungen vorbehalten