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8-channel DSD I/O module for ADA-8XR interface

The Prism ADA-8XR DIO-DSD provides eight channels of ‘Direct Stream Digital’ input and output for the ADA-8XR. The DSD interface format carries an over-sampled one-bit representation of the audio signal as delivered on Super Audio CDs (SACDs).

The DSD I/O Module can transact the DSD data in either SDIF 2 (sometimes known as DSD RAW) or SDIF 3 formats, using coaxial cables via a breakout squid, and optionally in the MAC DSD / SuperMAC format using a CAT5E cable.

When combined with the ADA-8XR’s Analogue Line Input and Output modules, the DSD I/O Module provides eight channels of analogue-to-DSD and DSD-to-analogue conversion. The Module also allows for PCM to DSD and DSD to PCM conversion where a PCM-type I/O Module is fitted, such as an AES3 I/O Module. In this case, PCM synchronous sample rate conversion can also be performed between the PCM input and output for all eight channels.

When used in conjunction with a dedicated workstation I/O Module, such as a Pro Tools HD I/O Module, the DSD I/O Module allows DSD audio sources and destinations to be connected to the workstation directly.

Whilst the DSD format uses a fixed sample rate of 2.8224MHz the ADA-8XR’s DSD I/O Module allows the user to run DSD-connected Paths with any of the ADA-8XR’s sample rate and sync options.



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