Blue Microphones Bottle Capsule Kit


BLUE Microphones Bottle Capsule Kit 8 Capsule

The Bottle Caps are Blue’s impressive system of nine interchangeable caps, each supplying the recordist a different tonal feature as well as pick-up design. From airy highs to larger-than-life lows, the Bottle Caps capture everything from vocals to bass, wind tools to horns– and anything in between with a level of particular and also clearness discovered in only the most pricey and also rare vintage classics. Bottle Caps work with Blue’s Bottle, Bottle Rocket Stage 2, and also Bottle Rocket Phase 1 mics, or any kind of microphone with a foundation for interchangable capsules. Each capsule in the collection is counted from B0 to B8. Each has their personal unique sound.


The Bottle Caps are our innovative system of eight interchangeable capsules, each offering the recordist a different tonal characteristic and pickup pattern. From airy highs to larger-than-life lows, the Bottle Caps capture anything from vocal to bass, wind instruments to horns — and everything in between with a level of detail and clarity found in only the most expensive and rare vintage classics. Below is a summary of each capsule with suggested recording applications.

 B0 Cardioid Large Diameter

*  Superior bright, silky, and intimate presence

* Suggested Applications: Background and lead vocals, guitar, mandolin, percussion; any source where extended top end is featured.

B1 Cardioid Small Diameter

*  Sonic accuracy with extended high frequency response

* Suggested Applications: Nylon or steel-string acoustic guitar, accordion, drum, overheads, metal percussion, hi-hat, small pitched percussion such as toy piano or marimba, room or ambient miking, foley and sound effect recording, strings and orchestral recording.

B2 Figure of 8 Large Diameter

 *  Big, warm sound of vintage ribbon mic

  * Suggested Applications: Emulation of vintage saxophone, brass, guitar, or vocal sounds, jazz ensembles and horn sections, muted trumpet, flugelhorn and other low brass instruments, clarinet, overly bright or “edgy” instruments, room miking, acoustic bass, cello and other bowed string instruments, electric bass, clean or distorted electric guitar, pedal steel and slide guitar, whistling, organ.

 B3 Cardioid Mid Diameter

 *  Very transparent, neutral sound

 * Suggested Applications: Female vocals, distant miking of orchestral groups and instruments, banjo, mandolin, resonator guitar, jazz guitar, distorted electric guitar, electric bass, a natural or “folky” tone on nylon and steel-string acoustic guitar, oboe, bassoon and other double reeds, organ.

B4 Sphere Omni Small Diameter

*  Sweet highs, robust lows, unique design and sound perfect for ambient recording

* Suggested Applications: Orchestral sounds, classical instrumentation, background vocals, organ, accordion, distant miking of any source, particularly bowed strings, and drums.

 B5 Omni Large Diameter

*  Very unique compressed quality, extremely accentuated low and high frequency response

* Suggested Applications: Acoustic guitar, percussion, any highly transient sources, any acoustic sources that need very close miking or extra presence boosting to cut through a dense mix.

 B7 Cardioid Large Diameter Single Backplate

*  Classic vintage detailed mids with airy presence

* Suggested Applications: Lead vocals, background vocals, saxophone, flugelhorn, clean or distorted electric guitar, pedal steel and slide guitar, organ, conventional jazz recording.

B8 Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser

*  The best choice if only using one capsule – crystal clear sound quality and excellent detail for a wide range of recording applications

*  Suggested applications: Male & female lead vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, drums, drum overheads, percussion, piano, horns and strings.

Weight 3 lbs



Blue Microphones

Blue Microphones

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