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Ever wanted to use one of the worldÕs most famous synth filters in your DAW?

The classic filter from our lovingly recreated Mini V software instrument is now in a dedicated plugin.
Now you can add the familiar filter tone to warm or smooth out your audio, or to add sweetness to
a sensitive recording.

Not only that, but Mini-Filter also includes a powerful modulation section which consists of an envelope
follower, an LFO, and a step sequencer. A patch manager is also built-in, along with a set of presets
to inspire your creativity.

An essential, expressive, and creative tool for any producer or performer.

Straight from the legendary 70s monosynth

Mini-Filter is the latest chapter in the story of ArturiaÕs True Analog Emulation technology.

In 2003, we collaborated with Bob Moog to recreate the illustrious synthesizers he designed
as software instruments, allowing a whole new generation of musicians, producers, and
enthusiasts the chance to experience his unique method of synthesis. Fast-forward 15
years, and sadly the godfather of synthesis is no longer with us; but his legacy remains

Through our collaborative effort and expertise, we were not only able to perfectly recreate
his iconic 70s monosynth, but also isolate individual components. The 24dB per octave
ladder filter has always been at the core of the Model D monosynth mythos, and we were
intrigued as to how it would sound on other audio sources. So we applied the greatest
care and used the latest technological advances to reproduce its warm and highly musical

ÒBut what does a filter actually do?Ó

For many music producers and electronic musicians, filters are an essential part of their sound and creative process. Put simply, filters cut or boost certain sound frequencies, letting you control the tonal ÔshapeÕ of audio.

For example, if you had a vocal recording that you wanted to remove some low, bassy rumbles from, you could use a high-pass filter.

A low-pass filter could be used in the same way, but to remove unwanted high frequencies; maybe to tame particularly zingy cymbals or hi-hats in a drum recording.

Notch filters can pinpoint certain frequencies and either boost or cut them; one great use for these is to find and remove clothy, unwanted mid-range resonance from recordings of acoustic instruments.

Originally developed to remove broadcast noise and make the most of radio bandwidth, nowadays filters are an essential creative tool for music professionals.


Gojko Mari_

Artists Corner



Holy smokes…. this thing is on fire. Who ever knows all the amazing secret weapons the Moog Filers hold, well imagine the legendary “Ladder” filter combined with Multimode Filter, then you know what am talking about… And did I forget to mention that this massive filter is just under Û50?

Gojko Mari_

( Welicoruss )

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Hear it, and be inspired

We created Mini-Filter out of a passion for vintage audio gear and a love for experimenting with
new musical possibilities.

We adore Mini-Filter, but donÕt take our word for it. Listen to these demos, and hear the awesome potential for yourself:

A 6 step sequence and a very fast LFO, completely transforming this techno mix into a weird FM-like sequence.


Toggle to listen to the effect

Classic pumping effect that really transforms these lush EDM chords. Perfect for adding a sidechained kick and starting a dance track.


Toggle to listen to the effect

Simple step sequencer applied to the cutoff frequency, adding movement to two otherwise static sounds.


Toggle to listen to the effect

Lovely distortion effect created by cranking up the drive knob. It definitely adds some crunch and character to this dub guitar and drum loop.


Toggle to listen to the effect

We used the most advanced analog modelling technology to bring you a faithful reproduction of one
of the most famous synth filters of all time. We updated it with cool, contemporary features.
What you do with this inspiring new studio plugin is up to you. Mini-Filter also features dozens
of presets created by our award-winning in-house sound designers, letting you get some instant
inspiration, and giving you a creative springboard to making your own personalized patches.

One legendary filter, one FX plug-in

Whether youÕre a singer, a guitarist, a DJ, a producer, Mini-Filter will spice up your music.

Emphasize the warmth of your voice, shape the tone of electric guitars, add filter sequences to your
drums, transform you whole mix. While weÕre sure youÕll love using a perfectly realized analog
ladder filter on any sound source, weÕve also added some contemporary features to give Mini-Filter
the edge when it comes to creative audio processing.

From the sample & hold to the sequencer, Mini-Filter is a true sound designerÕs dream for mixing,
sound creation, and experimentation. LetÕs take a look at the key components of this awesome

Low Frequency Oscillator

Beyond animating the Cutoff Frequency and Emphasis by the application of a periodic variation that
can take different waveforms and synchronized or not with your DAWÕs clock, the Mini-Filter LFO
also offers a Sample and Hold mode. This one takes a random value and freezes it for a given
time according to the Rate setting to generate a rhythmic effect.

Low Pass Filter

It gives you access to the most central parameters of the filter such as the Cutoff Frequency above
which the high frequencies will be progressively cut, the Emphasis aka resonance that boost the
frequencies around the cutoff frequency. In addition, the Drive parameter will raise the gain
of the filter up to add distortion to the signal.

Step Sequencer

This highly creative modulator lets you accurately set a value up to 8 steps that can control the
Cutoff Frequency, the Emphasis and the Rate of the LFO. You will be able to use it in sync with
your DAW and to soften the transition from a step to another to radically extend your creative

Envelope Follower

It allows the Cutoff Frequency, the Emphasis and the LFO Rate to be modified based on the envelope
of the sound source. The sensitivity controls the vertical follow-up while the attack and decay
can be used to smooth the follow-up on the time axis. The Mini-Filter Envelope Follower can thus
be used for affecting the sound at an audio rate or inversely more subtly to follow broader volume




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