Focusrite Clarett 8pre x Interface: A whole lotta love!


Wow! I really enjoyed this loaner from Focusrite. I know that they are working very hard to offer products that are both true to the Focusrite pedigree, and forward thinking. The idea behind this interface was clearly high performance, without compromise, delivered at a price point that could not be argued with.

This interface is one that I recommend to any seasoned pro audio engineer, hobbyist, or recording enthusiast.

Little Fish Audio recently used one as the centerpiece of a new private studio here in Miami, Fl.

Our integrators were delighted with how well it plays with the rest of the studio!

Important characteristics to me in an interface like this are:

– Seamless low latency integration with Pro Tools.

– Ease of use.

– Conversion quality

– Quality of preamps

– Good looks and bragging rights


DO NOT SLEEP on this interface.



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