Voxengo – Warmifier

Hey Labfans! Today I’ll be analyzing  Voxengo Warmifier

Some info about the unit: 

  • Valve warming effect
  • Valve preamp simulator
  • Console coloration simulator
  • Smooth harmonic enhancer
  • Stereo, 5.1 processor

Here are the settings utilized (No oversampling)(above image)

 If you are new to the lab post ,read this https://www.gearevu.littlefishaudio.com/must-read-welcome-to-my-lab-updated/


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Well based on the settings we see a wide ”warm” curve!



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Phase is nominal!


 (measured in steps of I & V parameter simultaneously)

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There is definitely THD content it can be subtle or not, based on the settings. Also we see that the fundamental is absolutely sterile clean, which is a very good thing for this sort of process! The THD character is warm smooth and rich!  no unwanted THD artifacts what so ever!


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Here we can also observe the envelope as well !


This unit definitely does what it says it does! Not to mention you have some great controls to manipulate the unit and lots of different harmonic models to choose from!



Personal Quote: I really liked this plugin, there are a few things like noise modeling that might have augmented it, but on the other hand the digital privileges of less noisefloor are also a good thing! As far as THD is concerned  I would have liked a bit more drastic interactions but overall can’t complain that much!





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