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Voxengo – Shinechilla

Hey Labfans! Today we will be looking at Voxengo – Shinechilla, a description from the vendor of the plugin:

Voxengo Shinechilla is an experimental creative sound effect plug-in for professional audio and sound production applications.  Shinechilla allows you to generate and blend 2nd, 3rd and 4th harmonics with the original dry sound.  The harmonic generation process offered by Shinechilla is quite unique on the plug-in market since it produces almost no intermodulation distortion.

User Interface (above image)

 If you are new to the lab post ,read this

So as soon as I tried this software, it was like I had designed it myself! The idea of a tool that just did what shinechilla does floated inside my mind before I discovered it, and someone had gone and done it for me! 

So let me put it in a simple manner, with shinechilla we can ’draw’ /create and manipulate distortion from scratch however we want ! Not only that,but all controls of shinechilla interact and effect the FR synchronous to any movement or change we might do, some effect more and some effect less. I don’t have to reach the end of the post to tell you that this plugin is an amazing tool!

so I draw my own ‘tube’ like distortion inside the unit and will post some plots from that and explain some of the units controls!


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So we can see how the FR has formed, you notice that there might be some sort of bumps but that is just away of implementation and does not create any problems.


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No phase issues


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Here is the THD I designed with the unit, subtle warm rich and smooth!

Also the fundamental is crystal clear which is a great thing!

Generally the units manual explains quite well the parameters, but let me point out that by utilizing the SAT window with multiple points we can drastically effect the FR and of course the THD. Also with SAT  whatever  additional harmonics we create with the other windows are added to the SAT effect.


Lets have a look at DSC aswell!


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This plugin is one of a kind!



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