Slate Digital – VCC – US A

Hey Labfans! Today I’ll be analyzing  Slate Digital – VCC – US – A!





Here are the settings utilized (No oversampling)(above)

 If you are new to the lab post ,read this


 FR Edit Content

Here is the response of the unit its its neutral state/settings, interesting and intricate FR:)

Below is a micro-scale for identifying noise!

noise Edit Content

Yes there is noise modeling!


Lets see how the FR interacts with the Input Gain

(measured in input steps from 0 to +6 )

FR%20input%20steps%200%20to%20%2B6 Edit Content

Sublime! Here we can see that the input gain can affect the low end!



 phase Edit Content

No phase issues!



 (measured in input steps)

http  media 9 06 2013 d1xHjJ Edit Content

 That’s what I like to call, attention to detail. The architecture of the THD relationships is very unique, that dictates a very sophisticated method of modeling THD! 

The character of the distortion by itself and in relation to the FR  is  warm, smooth & aggressive.

PS: The interaction of the harmonics is far more complex! After all this is just a step to step GIF for demonstration purposes. Only a video capture would be able to capture a more detailed interaction.


dsc Edit Content

 Here is the envelope, well looks as it should, although I have to note that again attention to detail is present! look at the very top of the envelope theres a little nuincanse there, even that part is modeled…


This is the real deal,  hands down. Again…







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