Slate Digital – VCC -Ψ

Hey Labfans! Today I’ll be analyzing Slates Digital VCC Ψ! 




Here are the settings utilized (No oversampling)(image left)

 If you are new to the lab post ,read this


fre Edit Content

Right of the bat, again noise modeling! The Fr looks like this.

Next is the fr from minimum Drive to Max Drive!


fr Edit Content

Now, thats an intricate FR!

The more the drive the more the mid high/ high end boost & distortion. the less the ”cardboard” FR range  😉

(And vice versa)

Not even reached THD and half the modeling is here.


phase Edit Content

Zoomed in plot – Here is the phase in max/min drive steps – looking good!



http  media 8 24 2013 ERvaxl Edit Content

Here we can observe the THD relationships with an input min to max, step to step measurement.

 Again,The result is a great example of how an analogue modeled THD should look like.

This unit behavior is rich and aggressive! Even order harmonics are not in a descending order, still odd harmonics keep biting when they can! Also the basis of the distortion is lower than the 4k, but there’s an intricate fr  keeping us from figuring it out 😉 


DSC Edit Content

Yeap, as anticipated based on the FR plot its like it should !


This is once again the real deal, hands and feet down.



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