The plugin is tested on CLA Rock Drive Preset.

This thread consists of animated graphs shocasing the scaling of the ‘drive’ knob from 0 to 10 in steps of +1

 If you are new to the lab post ,read this



QtwghC Edit Content

Here we can see that the fr changes dependend on the drive level. It scales from a natural almost flat curve with a tiny amount of high end boost to a low shelf like response. Very Interesting and Intricate! Right away we know our DSC will not be linear, because of the behavior of the FR.


1kianP Edit Content

Phase rotation is minimal and can be considered nomimal.


JONdsn Edit Content

Here is something quite unusual to my experience! The harmonics created in this unit do not exceed the 5th order. This behavior is very unique! but theres more… We can see that by driving the units drive harder, the magnitude of the harmonics is increased in a NON symetrical order! 

Which makes the drive behavior also modeled!

You can’t escape agression with this kind of unit behavior.

ps: Noise is so much low that it’s not even worth mentioning.


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 Well since we are compressing just a little bit, the curve bend won’t seem that drastic


Consensus: This is indeed an intricate agressive true analogue emulation.


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