Slate Digital – VBC – FG MU

In this instance we are going to try something new, instead of messuring the model while compressing, we will messure it with no compression, simply passing the audio through the plugin in its default state. This way we will observe how the analogue emulation behaves on a ‘bypassed’ way!

Here are the default settings above.

 If you are new to the lab post ,read this


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Well thats one hell of a FR, yeap defently not flat 
I’d say this smacks you right in the face! 
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Looking good and smooth, nothing out of the ordinary.
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This is really interesting! Here we see the unit embends its character just by not beeing used as a compressor, what does this mean ? this unit can be used as a saturation plugin aswell!The order of harmonics here suggest that the saturation character (in the represented magnitude) is Dense because the harmonics 2nd to 5th order have a very small difference in magnitute, still though having the 2nd order hamonic a bit louder has a tubish feel along with all their multyplicates!
Q : But since this can work as a saturation unit, how can I crank up the saturation without without making the unit compress ?
A :Crank the make up gain/volume
Here is the same Graph with the Volume cranked
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What we see here is nothing like before, 3rd order harmonics are boosted, 2nd order harmonics atenuated. Extreme distortion!
Ps: I use the term harmonics to refer to an order and all its multyplicates.
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Looks as it should
Q:If I’m saturating, so I must be compressing a little bit right ? The GR metter doesn’t show any compression
A:Yeap compression is happening although the metter does not move, that is because the make up is after the GR in the units architecture.
Bellow you can see how the compression curve looks like with a cranked ”make up”!
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This is a true representation of analogue, and a damn good one! (couldn’t resist) 
PS: And remember we haven’t compressed a single db yet! (well not in the traditional way that is )
PS2: Before you go crank the make up on this unit, use a trim plugin after it lowering the overal volum a lot, better safe than sorry 

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