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Waves DiGiGrid M Cube High Quality Ethernet Recording Interface + Free Shipping


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Introducing DiGiGrid M – the musician’s choice. Perfect for use at home, in the studio, or in any musical environment, this stylish unit boasts two inputs and two outputs. It is super-easy to use: just plug and play, with simultaneous monitoring and recording capabilities through two dedicated I/O.

Input 1 is a dedicated mic/line input, while input 2 is instrument/ line, allowing many musical combinations. Audio capture is also of the highest order thanks to DiGiGrid M’s top-quality converters and industry-proven mic preamps. When you listen back, a dedicated high-powered headphone output guarantees a classic warm analog control path in a fun and easy-to-use package.

Should you need to expand, the possibilities are practically endless: DiGiGrid M integrates seamlessly with any other DiGiGrid product to provide you with mountains of extra I/O and overall functionality, all connectible through the device’s Cat 5e/Cat 6 SoundGrid network port.

DiGiGrid M benefits from a non-slip base and an optional mic-stand adaptor plate. It is powered by a twist-lock 12V DC power supply (provided as standard) or Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) for maximum flexibility and easy setup, anywhere you want it.


Mic Input

Input Impedance: 1K5Ω
Gain Range: 0 to +70 dB
Frequency Response: -3 dB <10 hz to 100 khz
(Analog to Analog)
Harmonic Distortion: 0.005% (40 dB Gain)
Noise EIN: Typically -127 dB (70 dB Gain)
High Pass Filter: -3 dB 100 Hz 18 dB/Octave

Line Input

Input Impedance: 1MΩ
Gain Range: +6 to +30 dB
Frequency Response: -3 dB <10 hz to 100 khz
(Analog to Analog)
Harmonic Distortion: 0.005%


Min Gain -82 dBu
Max Gain -73 dBu


Gain Range Infinity: To +10 dB
Max Output Level:
Load    RMS
16Ω      2.3V
32Ω      3.7V
100Ω    6.0V
200Ω    7.5V
600Ω    8.8V


Width: 9 cm / 3.54 inches
Height: 11.35 cm / 4.46 inches
Depth: 9 cm / 3.54 inches
Device Weight: 0.7 kg / 1.54 lbs
Package Weight: 1.81 kg / 4 lbs




Additional information

Additional information

Weight 3.35 lbs
Dimensions 13.58 × 12.01 × 4.69 in