SPL DIRECTOR SILVER DA Converter and Preamplifier



DA Converter and Preamplifier
The Director is our remote controllable reference preamplifier. Its digital to analog converter is unique. It is the first high voltage DAC in the audio world. The converted analog signal unfolds directly within our VOLTAiR technology.
Being the centerpiece of your stereo the Director receives all sources. Analog sources are connected via balanced XLRs or via RCAs (e.g. the phone preamplifier Phonos), or digital via USB (PCM up to 384kHz and DSD up to Double Rate) as well as coaxial, optical or via AES.

The outputs are provided as balanced XLRs and RCAs. The specialty here is that you can disengage the volume control for each output seperately allowing the connection of a power amplifier (volume engaged) and a headphone amplifier like the Phonitor e (volume disengaged).