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Equalizing is probably the most important task when mixing, so you should get the best tool available!
is an unbelievably transparent
and musical-sounding equalizer featuring our proprietary automatic equalization technology and our amazing engine.

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Video tutorial

Spectrum matching and separation

Automatic equalizationAnalyze your track, select what you want it to sound like and let the plugin do the magic. It will set up the equalizer bands for you! Unlike traditional spectral matching, here you have no latency and amazing sound quality!
Superb linear-phase processingOur linear-phase processing algorithm has been meticulously tweaked to provide the best quality available. It is exceptionally accurate even with low frequencies, where other equalizers usually fail.
Super-modern visualizationThe plugin not only shows the results of your processing, it also features integrated analyzer, sonogram, spectrum areas plus much more.

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PDF documentation
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Style editor
System requirements

Equalizer tutorial

Key features

The most advanced user interface on the market – stylable, resizable, GPU accelerated

Modern user interfaces must not only be easy and quick to use, but also versatile and
the whole visual appearance should inspire you. MAutoEqualizer features the
most advanced GUI engine on the market. It is still the first and only GUI engine, which
is freely resizable and stylable.
It also lets you choose between , or ,
whichever you like the most.

The plugin can look as an ancient vintage gear, if you
are working on old-school rock music. Or as super-modern futuristic device if you are
working on modern electronic music.

If your display doesn’t have a high resolution, you can make the plugin smaller.
If the fonts are too small, you can make the plugin bigger and save your eyes.

All the graphics is accelerated using your GPU, graphical interface, providing
ultimately quick response and keep your CPU focused on the audio.

Unique visualisation engine with classic meters and time graphs

Your ears should always be the main judge, but a smart metering system can often be
a huge help. MAutoEqualizer provides the most advanced metering system out there.
The plugin can display the measurements of all relevant values using classic meters,
or it can even show them in time using the time graphs.
Everything is customisable as usual.
3 equalization algorithms

MAutoEqualizer provides 3 different algorithms with (approximately) the same frequency response –
true bidirectional filtering algorithm,
FFT algorithm and standard minimum phase equalization.
Bidirectional filtering provides maximal accuracy and minimal noise ratio.
As a supplement MAutoEqualizer implements a standard equalization and FFT
algorithm adopted in most cheaper linear-phase equalizers.

Adjustable dry/wet mix

Dry/wet may be impossible for most equalizers due to phase alteration, but it is possible for MAutoEqualizer
Using just one slider you have a complete control of the amount of performed equalization.


MAutoEqualizer lets you control multiple parameters using a single so-called multiparameter.
This may not only come handy for automation for example, but the multiparameters are very smart units
and you can use them to smartly morph between banks of settings for example. All in the name of creativity!

Check this video tutorial for information about
Powerful spectrum analyzer and sonogram

MAutoEqualizer offers an outstanding versatile spectrum analyzer combined with a sonogram with
truly unique features such as (so you can easily explore the dominant
(provides higher resolution in bass frequencies),
(for easier analysis of fundamental frequencies),
(for human auditory system simulation for example) and much more.
9 filter types for each band with quick adjustment

MAutoEqualizer features 9 high quality filters for each band –
peak, low-shelf, high-shelf, low-pass and high-pass, single-pole low-pass and high-pass, band-pass, notch.

Main filter parameters, such as frequency or Q, are adjustable directly from the equalizer graph
and you can immediately see “what you get”.
But you can also manipulate them from the band popup window,
which is one click away and provides all the marvelous features the plugin provides.
Everything with almost infinite precision if you need maximum control.
Tube saturation

MAutoEqualizer provides an integrated tube saturation simulator, which can get
your audio the great vintage analog feel and high-end sparkle.
M/S, single channel, up to 8 channels surround processing…

MAutoEqualizer can handle not only and signals, but
also mid/side encoding for stereo field processing, separate left & right
channels, separate mid or side signal and up to 8 channels of audio.
It is perfect for audio production for music, movies, games…

Check this video tutorial for more
information about channels modes and mid/side processing.
Automatic gain compensation (AGC)

Most plugins change loudness of the output audio, which makes
browsing presets inconvenient, not mentioning randomization.
MAutoEqualizer includes automatic gain compensation, which quickly adapts
to current settings and ensures the output sounds as loud as the input.
This even protects you from thinking that something sounds better
in cases it is just louder.

Safety limiter

Some plugins can intensely increase gain when exposed to specific
audio materials. MAutoEqualizer provides a safety brickwall limiter, which
ensures the output stays below 0dB and prevents your equipment and your ears
from potential danger automatically.

Adjustable up-sampling 1x-4x

Digital audio provides very superior audio quality compared to ancient analog gear, but
there are problems too. The main problem is the aliasing, which may be noticeable,
when using nonlinear processes such as compression or saturation.
MAutoEqualizer includes both minimum-phase and high-quality linear-phase upsampling algorithms,
which avoids the aliasing.

Check this video tutorial for information about
MIDI controllers with MIDI learn

MAutoEqualizer contains a powerful MIDI processor, which listen to MIDI controllers and MIDI keyboard
and control any parameters realtime.

Check this video tutorial for information about MIDI.
64-bit processing and an unlimited sampling rate

MAutoEqualizer provides the maximum audio quality you can get. It uses 64-bit
audio processing and can handle any sampling rate.
It does not make much sense to go over 192kHz, but if you think it is a good idea,
the plugin can do that.
Extremely fast, optimized for newest AVX2 capable processors

Computers are now extremely fast, but the algorithms are more complex and projects bigger,
so we still need to use the processing power with care. MAutoEqualizer uses the fastest algorithms,
takes advantage of the newest processor capabilities, lets your GPU hangle the graphics,
and shares the resources with other MeldaProduction plugins.
The plugin is among the fastest on the market, yet it provides the best possible audio quality.
Global preset management and online preset exchange

MAutoEqualizer presets are carefully stored in a system database and you can quickly access them from
any project in any host. The plugin can automatically share your presets and download
presets of other users from our servers.
We are building a community and you can be a part of it!
Supports VST, VST3, AU and AAX interfaces on Windows & Mac, both 32-bit and 64-bit

MAutoEqualizer supports all major hosts on both platforms.
Check system requirements for information
about compatibility and installation.
No dongle nor internet access is required for activation

How many times did you forget your USB dongle? We are an honest company and expect the
same from our customers. Our software uses licence files to activate your software.
And the licences are to-person, so you can use it on all your computers as long as you
are the user.
Free-for-life updates

When you buy the software you are entitled to free updates, forever. No more
money wasted on major upgrades like it is with other companies. And we upgrade our
software a lot!




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