ARTURIA Wurli V2 License Wurlitzer V2 Electric Piano


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Wurli V
The Return of a Classic

Wurlitzer-V is Arturia’s amazingly accurate physical model of the classic Wurlitzer 200A electric piano.

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The Wurli 200A piano had a sound that could go from mellow and soft to hard and brash. This harder sound
is what made it so popular in rock music as it could cut through a mix like a knife.

A soulful reproduction

Using advanced physical modeling we recreated this complex and dynamic sound.
The output can then be processed and shaped through a host of modeled guitar effects pedals. On the
output we give you options like a guitar amp a Leslie rotating speaker or direct for making a
vast array of sounds.

Your new best friend
When it comes to a great rock or R&B electric piano, nothing beats the percussive and cutting sound
of the Wurli V.Whether you are playing electric rock backing tracks or psycodelic space trance,
you will find the right sound for your song.

Press Clipping

Press Clipping
“Gargantuan selection of classic and modern Wurlitzer sounds. Huge array of effects and tone-shaping controls.”

Press Clipping
“Compared to any other Wurli emulation out there, this is the most flexible and usable of them all. Wurlitzer V from Arturia is an inspiring, gritty, and fully realized Wurlitzer Model 200A inside your computer. If you can rock the Wurli it’s completely worth the asking price.”

So logical

Since we used physical modeling and not static samples to create the sound, we opened up parts of the modeling
engine that allows you to have in-depth control of how the instrument behaves. You can change things
like hammer hardness or the harmonic spectrum or the dynamic range…all these add to the possibilities
of this amazing instrument.