ARTURIA Clavinet V License The Funkiest Electric Keyboard Ever


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The Clavinet V faithfully models the electric keyboard that put the funk in many ‘70s hits. This
vintage instrument’s unmistakable sound will help your music jump right out of the speakers.
No keyboard collection is complete without it.

The “Clav” sound is so iconic that most keyboards have a patch that tries to emulate it. Why settle for
an approximation?

From the first note you play on the Clavinet V, you know this is no sample or synth. You feel that organic
grit that only comes from a physical instrument, reproduced in minute detail by our award-winning
modeling technology. We recreated the iconic Clavinet D6—including lightning response, multiple pickups,
taste. Dial in the rest of that coveted vintage sound you’re looking for with the built-in virtual
guitar amp and stompbox rig—or just hit the extensive preset library.

When you want the real deal, you want the Clavinet V.

May the funk be with you
Whether you love playing oldies or pioneering new musical territory, there’s nothing like
the distinctive sound of the Clavinet’s hammered strings.

The unmistakable bright, punchy sound of this vintage keyboard occupies a unique sonic space
somewhere between harpsichord, hammered electric guitar and slapped bass. Top keyboardists
of the ‘70s used its signature bark and bite to cut through the mix while delivering
some of the most authoritative percussive keyboard lines ever played. Thanks to the ultra-realistic
Clavinet V, you can now command the same crisp sound that helped define funk and formed
the bedrock of many pop and R&B hits back in the day. If you’re looking to add natural
energy and vintage cred to your sound, the Clavinet V is just the ticket.

The Clavinet V inspires with both the sound and feel of the funkiest electric keyboard ever
made. Your fingers have never danced like this before.

Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby
Only modeling technology gives you this faithful reproduction of a vintage Clavinet.
Since the Clavinet is an electro-acoustic instrument, complete with multiple settings and
“Clav” synth patches and samples seem one-dimensional. That’s why we’ve applied our award-winning
physical modeling and algorithmic emulation to give you a sound and playing experience
indistinguishable from the real thing.

The Clavinet V brings all the inspiring nuances and natural goodness of the original instrument
to your keyboard collection.