Privacy Policy

Privacy at Little Fish Audio

We do not share or use your contact information with any other outside party, period. Our site keeps the information that you give us, and your communication preferences secure. We will not “spam” you! We will offer you new recording and mix technique, and special exclusive deals. You may opt out of these communications at any time.

  • Your address is used to verify your payment method, and used for shipment info
  • Your phone number is used to verify payment method, and for us to contact you in case of a problem
  • Your email address is used to confirm your order status and provide tracking information

We communicate with you on your terms! No  sales calls or solicitations ever.

By joining our mailing list via the home page or during checkout, you agree to receive periodic yet meaningful email contacts from us and us alone. These are intended to help your craft, and nothing else. These mailers aren’t very frequent. We keep them focused and direct. Our email subscribers enjoy real information in a concise effort to keep you informed of specials, new products and other generally good info we have to share.

We treat you exactly the way we would want to be treated. Here if you need us, but we will not insist on engagement! This should come from you ONLY if you see it fit.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us concerning privacy or other issues.

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