NEW Apollos by Universal Audio: The Next Generation of Sound

It seemed only yesterday that the audio world was trying to decipher the role of the Universal Audio Apollos.  Today, with the presentation of the second generation of Apollos, (including the introduction of a new unit that includes 8 Unison-Enabled Preamps).  Universal Audio is affirming what a lot of us in the business have been already witness, which is that the Apollo is here to stay, and, might be on its way to being a staple in studios of all forms.

We find the black finish to be very sexy.
We find the black finish to be very sexy.


With it’s innovative use of near-zero-latency, coupled with its powerful plugins,its no surprise that many engineers are trading in their analog rigs for Apollos. Here are some of the new features of this Next Generation of Apollos:

– Thunderbolt 2 Connectivity

– All new A/D and D/A conversion for an extremely detailed, and open sound

– All the benefits of UAD-2 Plugins, and the Apollo Expanded & Console 2.0 Updates


Here’s a vid directly from UA:


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