Liquidsonics – Reverberate

Let me start with one phrase and a list of features from Reverberate.

– One of my favorite Reverberation IR units. Period.

And here is why epigrammatically.

  • Dual true-stereo convolution reverb
  • Zero latency (or select up to 8192 samples latency)
  • 250 categorized presets (400 MB of IRs)
  • Early reflections and tails modules
  • True stereo simulation for stereo IRs
  • Double oversampled EQ with modulation per IR
  • Linear-interpolation choruses for IR1, IR2 and post effects
  • Stereo delays with modulation for IR2, IR2 and post effects
  • Post EQ with LFO modulation
  • Modulation via MIDI-CC
  • Stereo widener with anti-phase reduction
  • ADSHR envelopes with shape control
  • Low CPU downsampling mode option
  • Presence filter for adding synthetic high frequency content to dark IRs
  • Impulse response chaining
  • Neon Blue or Soft Green skin options
  • Integrated preset and sample browsers
  • Drag and drop IRs from OS file browsers
  • Wav, WIR, SDIR, Aiff and Flac file support
  • 32/64-bit VST, AU and AAX on Mac and PC
  • Precise parameter entry
  • Recursive lost files search


Let start with some key features that blow completion apart, not neseserly in a particular order.


Dual True Stereo: Yeap, as far as IRs can go without going to the patented dynamic convolution engine, that’s as good as IRs can get. Two files simulating one space, it’s hard to go wrong and they sound sweet!

Zero Latency: This is extremely important. As you might have read in triggers review timing is gold, not only because the way our reverb will interact as an additive source to our dry signal (most of the time), but also as a guarantee of parameters, woa what does that mean? well essentially if we were to just compensate the output with a daw compensation algorithm, we’d be a couple or more than a couple samples off, so that predelay we would set wouldn’t really be accurate since the extra leftover timing from our daws compensation engine would be added to it, and trust me don’t think you can just measure the leftover and compensate it manually, to do this perfectly is almost impossible and not worth your time. So zero latency is great, go with it.

Early reflections and tails modules: Oh you just know what I’m talking about, if you use this type of glue technique in your mix here 😉

Precise parameter entry: Finally, someone does it right?

GPU CUDA support(Core, GPU): Best feature in the universe. If you have a good NVidia GFX card and a crappy computer you can run at least 30 reverbs at once on your GPU, if that’s not awesome enough what is? Yeah the next part…

Absolute affordability for everyone. £50? They practically are selling you salmon in rice prices.


 Buy it , enjoy it , explore it and make good music!


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