One Year Extended Warranty

Little Fish Audio Extended warranty



Our warranty is meant to keep your sessions up and running. We will do everything we can to repair your products as soon as possible. We do reserve the right to refuse any product sent to us for warranty coverage as well as the right to modify the conditions of this warranty at any time

Product registration for new item(s): It is important that you register your product(s) to initiate the manufacturer’s warranty. Initial registration with the manufacturer may be a condition to receiving our free extended warranty coverage, or manufacturer warranty coverage in general as the manufacturer’s policy applies. Additional exclusions from our Free Extended Warranty program are as follows:

  • Used items sold “As-is”, or those exclusively specified in our item listing as “as-is” are excluded from warranty coverage.
  • Computer systems, storage medium, tape machines
  • Failure due to dust, heat, humidity, and failures materialized from power surges
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdowns caused by unintentional and accidental damage from handling of the product
  • Damage from abuse, misuse, introduction of foreign objects into the product, unauthorized product modifications or alterations, failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Consumable products, accessories and supplies, including but not limited to: bulbs and/or lamps, tubes, batteries, cartridges, tapes, computer software or disks
  • Power conditioners, surge protectors and power regulators are not covered; nor is the repair or replacement of equipment connected to these products
  • Damage occurring by improper voltage
  • Acts of god
  • Equipment purposed for commercial rental
  • Products with removed or altered serial numbers
  • Loss or corruption of data and/or the restoration of software and operating systems
  • Loss and/or theft of the product
  • Costs associated with downtime or loss of use
  • Damage covered under any insurance policy, or any other warranty or service plan

*Note: For products purchased with free extended warranty clearly specified in listing.

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