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Eric Tarr, Brom Rector, and Chris Romero take us into some heavy duty, in depth mix technique.

A few of the Topics Covered:
Gain Staging
Session Organization
Mixbuss Treatment: Saturation, EQ, Routing, Compression, Limiting, parallel mix busses (Michael Brauer)
How to use compression: Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Strings, and more….
How to use EQ: Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Strings, and more….
Parallel processing
Vocal tricks
Use of distortion and saturation
Transient shaping
subtractive eq
M/S mix techniques
Use of Auxes in traditional way (Time Based)
Use of Auxes for parallel processing
….much more!

Bonus footage on drum programming!

Over 13 hours of tutorials


Mixing Guitars

There are many different ways can you treat guitars? Probably as many ways as there are variations of guitars out