Product review site we like:

We have long grown weary of sales hype. The latest, greatest, most earth-shattering, bleeding edge studio equipment is just around the corner! Act fast. Supplies are limited! Without it, you are not cool, will not making it in the recording industry, and will not be able to get the job done right, right?!

Balderdash. Malarkey. Poppicosh old boy!

In fact, we are not even comfortable doing impartial reviews on our site. Why take our word for it? We are sales people and engineers, right? But which one primarily? We are interfacing with manufacturers clamoring for more marketshare every day. At this point we feel like our only viable long term strategy as a retail company is to be 110% customer centric, providing the absolute truth as we see it in todays recording technology, margin and profit be damned. We will be integrating good reviews from here on the site. You can rely on them. If something sucks, we will say so, (which may encourage us not to offer it to our clients).